Why Soap?

For about a year now, I’ve been contemplating starting a very small business in which I make small batches homemade and handmade products to sell. To be quite honest, I needed a hobby, something to keep me occupied and focused so that I stay busy and don’t indulge in things that aren’t good for my health (i.e. food, netflix, the Sims) for majority of the day. I started researching small business ideas and watching numerous videos on youtube to figure out what my niche would be. That's when I came across soapmaking! Not only did the process look extremely fun, but the ability to customize different soaps to my liking is really what pulled me in. After procrastinating and looking at different soap making methods, I finally decided to buy some samples from BrambleBerry.com to see is this is really for me. After making two small batches of soap, I instantly knew that this would be something I enjoy. Also, who doesn’t love a good product that’s made with quality ingredients, good for your skin and made with love?


I’ll be selling:
• Home and Handmade soaps
• Massage Candles
• Body Balms/Salves
• Lip Balms
• Body Butters